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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Jan-2018The 19F(alpha, p)22Ne and 23Na(p,alpha)20Ne reactions in astrophysical environment with the Trojan horse MethodD'Agata, Giuseppe Ferdinando
25-Sep-2008Active Waveguides and Light Sources for Silicon-Based Microphotonics.Canino, Andrea
1-Feb-2012Amorphous-Crystal Phase Transitions in Ge2Sb2Te5 and GexTe1-x alloysCarria, Egidio
24-Jan-2018Analysis of the penumbra formation in sunspotsMurabito, Mariarita
25-Feb-2005Aspetti Metodologici e Problematiche nell’applicazione della Risonanza Paramagnetica Elettronica alla Caratterizzazione e Datazione di Cristalli Naturali.Zuccarello, Agnese Rita
7-Mar-2013Asteroseismology in the Kepler era and from ground-based observationsCorsaro, Enrico Maria Nicola
17-Feb-2014Atmospheric water vapour tomography for DInSAR application and effect of volcanic plume on the microwavesAranzulla, Massimo
26-Feb-2002C49-C54 Phase Transition in Tisi2 Thin Films and Conductors.Privitera, Stefania Maria Serena
5-Mar-2009Census and characterization of white dwarfs in a selected sample of open clusters of our galaxy based on galex data.De Martino, Carmen
4-May-2011Characterization of microwave discharge ion source for high protom beam production in cw and pulsed mode.Miracoli, Rosalba
13-Feb-2006Characterization of the Hades Spectrometer in PP Collisions at 2.2 Gev: Elastic Scattering and Exclusive Eta Reconstruction.Spataro, Stefano
4-May-2011Chromospheric activity and lithium abundance in the NGC2516 and NGC3766 open clustersMessina, Angela Elisa
3-Apr-2013Coherent Nanostructures: Dynamics control and noiseBerritta, Marco
9-Feb-2007Collective and Stochastic Observables in Heavy Ion Collisions at Intermediate Energies.Rizzo, Joseph
9-Feb-2007Collective Excitations and Correlations in Many-Body Systems.Gambacurta, Danilo
24-Jan-2019Coupled Molecular Dynamics and Finite Element Methods for the simulation of interacting particles and fieldsCascio, Michele
25-Sep-2008Crystallization and Ion Beam Induced Amorphization of Ge2Sb2Te5 Thin Films.De Bastiani, Riccardo
1-Feb-2012Crystallization of Amorphous Chalcogenide Nano-Regions and Test-Structure Fabrication for Non-Volatile MemoriesMio, Antonio Massimiliano
29-Jul-2008Delayed Luminescence as a Tool to Investigate the Biological Organization.Lanzano', Luca
29-Mar-2013Design and operation of novel underwater acoustic detectors: applications to particle physics and multidisciplinary science for the NEMO-SMO and KM3NeT projectsViola, Salvatore
Showing results 1 to 20 of 158
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