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Mostrati i risultati da 1924 a 1943 di 1952
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Wastewater , micro-irrigation, reuse, crop
wastewater reuse, biomasses for energy, constructed wetland, evapotranspiration
Water potential
Water treatment, disinfection/oxidation by-products, sludge treatment, membrane processes, advanced oxidation processes, ammonia and bromide effect, H2O2 effect
Wave Energy Converter, Oscillating Water Column, Green port, wave reflection, wave loadings, physical model
Wave Energy Converters; Rubble mound breakwaters; Wave overtopping
weakly, bound, nuclei, fusion, cross, section, reaction, optical, model, threshold, anomaly, breakup, Coulomb, barrier, 6Li, 7Li, 64Zn, coupled, channels, nuclei, debolmente, legati, fusione, sezione, reazione, modello, ottico, barriera, coulombiana, sub-barrier, energies, sotto
wearing-off, non-motor fluctuations, Parkinson's disease, screening tools
Web of Things, Smart Objects, Collaborative Objects, User-centric ServiceS, User-centered Environments, Semantic Web, Reasoning, Machine Learning, User-object Interaction, Eco-awareness, Security
Well-being, Safety, Organizational behaviour
Wildflower meadows
wild plants, seeds germination, vegetative propagation, ornamental value, Sicily
wind, green, live, estudios
Wireless Capsule Endoscopy
Wireless Capsule Endoscopy, Pattern Recognition, Stereoscopic Vision, Computer Vision, Medical Imaging, Image Processing
Wireless Sensor Networks
Wound Healing
WSN, Batteryless transceiver, Energy harvesting, ultra low power ICs.
Mostrati i risultati da 1924 a 1943 di 1952
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