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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jan-2019Advanced Ecocomposites MaterialsSaccullo, Giuseppe
25-Feb-2019Aggregation, Spatio-Temporal Structures and Well-Posedness in Chemotaxis Models of Inflammatory DiseasesGiunta, Valeria
4-Feb-2019Allelopathic effects of Cynara cardunculus L. extractsScavo, Aurelio
6-Dec-2018All'ombra del Vulcano. Il Futurismo in Sicilia & la Sicilia del FuturismoParasiliti, Andrea
1-Dec-2018Applications of CW and pulsed EPR spectroscopy for the characterization of copper(II) complex stereochemistry and of Beta-peptide secondary structureValora, Gabriele
30-Jan-2019A-priori estimates for some classes of elliptic problemsMarino, Greta
1-Feb-2019Arf good semigroupsZito, Giuseppe
14-Jan-2019Automated Reasoning via a Multi-sorted Fragment of Computable Set Theory with Applications to Semantic WebSantamaria, Daniele Francesco
1-Mar-2019Autonomia privata e vincoli di destinazione. I trusts C.D. autodichiaratiCosta, Alberto
14-Dec-2019Biomolecules from olive mill wastewater: cosmeceutical and nutraceutical applicationsDi Mauro, Maria Domenica
20-Dec-2018Characterisation of the mechanical behaviour of networks and woven fabrics with a discrete homogenization modelGazzo, Salvatore
7-Feb-2019Chemotassonomia e attività biologica degli oli essenziali di taxa del genere Thymus.Impelluso, Carmen
14-Dec-2019Clinical implementation of first trimester combined test for aneuploidies in patients aged 35 years or olderGiunta, Giuliana
7-Jan-2019Compact architectures for dc-dc converters with galvanic isolationParisi, Alessandro
25-Feb-2019Constrained Optimization Problems in Network ModelsColajanni, Gabriella
25-Feb-2019Cooperating As Peers: Labor Justice Between Distributive and Relational EqualityCelentano, Denise
7-Jan-2019Cooperating Smart Objects in IoT Infrastructures for Context-Aware ApplicationsBiondi, Salvatore Michele
24-Jan-2019Coupled Molecular Dynamics and Finite Element Methods for the simulation of interacting particles and fieldsCascio, Michele
14-Dec-2018Cyclin D1 and wilms tumor transcription factor-1 (WT1): potential diagnostic and therapeutic markers in small rond blue cell tumors of childhoodSalvatorelli, Lucia
7-Jan-2019Deeply Incorporating Human Capabilities into Machine Learning Models for Fine-Grained Visual CategorizationMurabito, Francesca
Showing results 1 to 20 of 85
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