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Data: 29-feb-2012
Autori: La Malfa, Salvatore
Titolo: Rtd fluxgate magntometers
Abstract: Fluxgate magnetometers have always been of interest to the technical and scientific communities as practical and convenient sensors for vector magnetic field measurements in the range of microtesla requiring a resolution of hundreds of picotesla at room temperature, and they find applicability in fields such as space, geophysical exploration and mapping, non destructive testing, as well as assorted military applications. In this Thesis the research work on RTD Fluxgate is presented along with the development of models, prototypes and their characterization. Classical but also new technological approaches to realise low-cost Fluxgate magnetometers are proposed. The design, development and characterization of an integrated mixed signal circuit expressly designed to read out the magnetic field information, and alternative readout strategies have also been described.
InArea 09 - Ingegneria industriale e dell'informazione

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LMLSVT84D16F206I-6-dissemination_pdfa.pdf06 - Dissemination217,44 kBAdobe PDFVisualizza/apri
LMLSVT84D16F206I-5-cap_4_pdfa.pdf05 - Chapter 412,37 MBAdobe PDFVisualizza/apri
LMLSVT84D16F206I-4-cap_3_pdfa.pdf04 - Chapter 38,16 MBAdobe PDFVisualizza/apri
LMLSVT84D16F206I-3-cap_2_pdfa.pdf03 - Chapter 27,99 MBAdobe PDFVisualizza/apri
LMLSVT84D16F206I-2-cap_1_pdfa.pdf02 - Chapter 12,65 MBAdobe PDFVisualizza/apri
LMLSVT84D16F206I-1-introduction_pdfa.pdf01 - Introduction616,16 kBAdobe PDFVisualizza/apri

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