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Data: 1-feb-2013
Autori: Rapisarda, Alessandro
Titolo: Novel self-assembled monolayer (SAM) based on calix[n]arenes for application as chemical sensors and optical devices: synthesis, studies and applications
Abstract: The vast majority of chemical sensors contain a chemically sensitive layer for analytes detection coupled with a transducer which transforms this interaction in a readable signal. It is well-known that calixarenes are used for the molecular recognition of ions, amino acids, hormones, sugars, peptides, nucleic acids, and proteins, which are fundamental substrates in biological and artificial processes. We developed new calix[n]arene based systems that are not only stable but are also capable of molecular recognition towards amino acids once assembled on the gold surface. By suitable modification, the system could become a potential receptor for biologically important amines and proteins.
InArea 03 - Scienze chimiche

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