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Data: 29-gen-2014
Autori: Salvo, Eliana
Titolo: Identification and functional analysis of genes associated with oncogenesis
Abstract: A RMD, mapping at the 6q26-27 region, which harbored a locus of senescence SEN6 was also implicated with tumorigenesis. One cDNA clone mapped within the RMD was recovered, it was a putative novel gene that encodes a protein without any homology with known sequences, named CATP (Cytomembrane-Associated Trafficking Protein). Modifications of its sequence across evolution, especially in Great Apes, were evaluated. Mutational analysis allowed to identify different alleles of the gene. Alleles were analyzed for association with some human pathologies. Functional analysis was performed in S. cerevisiae model, in order to clarify function of catp and the different effects of its alleles on yeast chronological lifespan. catp alleles affect yeast growth in distinguishable ways, moreover they showed different sensitivity to oxidative stress. So far a possible role of catp in senescence and/or tumorogenesis, throught ossidative stress responce and ROS level regulation, has been suggested.
InArea 05 - Scienze biologiche

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