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Data: 16-feb-2015
Autori: Spitaleri, Fabiola
Titolo: Synthesis, characterization and thermal properties of polymers based composites materials for High Power Electronic Packaging Applications
Abstract: As devices evolve, it s necessary that also interconnections and all hardware circuits evolve, including packaging. Nowadays are required significant improvement in packaging properties: low resistance interconnections, less noise, less parasitic oscillations, increased reliability and improved thermal behaviour. For these purpose has designed a research activity for the synthesis of new composites materials capable to dissipating heat better in relation to the current ones. These materials, having to act both as a protective casing (eg. radiation, humidity) and as heat sinks, must also be equipped with a good thermal efficiency. Thermal efficiency of a system depends on material degradation temperature and its thermal conductivity. Therefore, in the initial phase we proceeded with the investigation on the current materials used for commercial package characterizing their properties. Later we moved to the synthesis of several epoxy resins and composites materials based on epoxy resin (as polymeric matrix) filled with synthetic or commercial techno-material to improve resin thermal efficiency. These filler were chosen for their peculiar properties: aramides were chosen for their thermal stability and high thermal conductivity; polyimide has been chosen to solve the aramide hygroscopicity problems, graphene oxide and MoS2 for their thermal conductivity. In general, all obtained composites have a start degradation temperature, in air, higher than maximum reached by the latest generation devices (250 °C) , this makes possible their use as microelectronic packaging. Then, two methods for conductivity measurements were developed, direct and indirect; both were then verified by the application on some synthesized package. On the basis of collected data, almost all obtained composites, can be used as packaging having a better thermal efficiency than commercials.
InArea 03 - Scienze chimiche

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