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Data: 28-gen-2015
Autori: Catena, Antonino
Titolo: Control architectures for heterogeneous fleets of unmanned vehicle systems
Abstract: The field of aerial robotics, from 20 years ago up to now, has had an incredible growth. The reasons are several, but surely, the key motivation is the development of MEMS sensors and microcontroller more and more cheap and reliable. As regards the UAV features, it is clear as there isn't "a general purpose" drone, capable to accomplish whatever task. For this reason, a keyword in the next years for the researchers will be the cooperation between heterogeneous robotic platforms. More and more often complex tasks require features that a single drone doesn't have. For example, to patrol a huge area, it is required a drone suitable to fly forward with high speed, to be capable to hover and to have a good autonomy. In a few words, it is impossible for a single drone, but also for a homogeneous fleet. From this consideration is born the objective of this thesis: to develop a fleet of heterogeneous UAV.
InArea 09 - Ingegneria industriale e dell'informazione

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