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Data: 8-feb-2012
Autori: Minniti, Zelica
Titolo: Advanced characterization methods of organic materials of environmental and historical-artistic relevance through Micro-FTIR Mapping and Raman Microscopy
Abstract: For many centuries paper was the main material for recording cultural achievements all over the world. Paper is mostly made from cellulose with small amounts of organic and inorganic additives which allow its identification and characterization and may also contribute to its degradation. Prior to 1850, paper was made entirely from rags, using hemp, flax and cotton fibres. After this period, due to the enormous increase in demand, wood pulp began to be commonly used as raw material, resulting in a rapid degradation of paper. Spectroscopic techniques represent one of the most powerful tools to investigate the constituents of paper documents in order to establish its identification and its state of degradation. This work describes the application of Fourier-Transform Infrared spectroscopy and Raman techniques for the characterization of organic writing materials focusing the attention on the study of paper stained by the foxing process. The spectroscopic techniques were also used for the characterization of the particulate matter (PM) collected in Catania using an high-volume cascade impactor. Assignment of PM vibrational bands has been studied and the distribution of functional groups in different size fraction stages were discussed. FTIR mapping was applied in order to better observe the particles distribution throughout the impactor stages.
InArea 03 - Scienze chimiche

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